The raffle is over. Thanks to all who participated!

SUNLIGHT and Caravanya

Together with SUNLIGHT, we clean up wild camping sites from garbage and left behind junk. Start with us into a green camping future and win an unforgettable trip with a suitable campervan! #freedomismylife #campgreen

  • Be part of our clean-up campaign and win a week-long trip in a fully equipped campervan from SUNLIGHT.
  • You can participate from 01.06.2021 to 31.08.2021 directly in the Caravanya app (you need the current version)
  • Read the wild camping rules and get a raffle ticket.
  • Clean up a wild camping site near you, send us a photo, and get two more raffle tickets.
  • TimTam bonus: With the addition of a new and beautiful wild camping spot, TimTam will give you two additional tickets and increase your chances of winning fivefold.

You can only participate in the raffle if you can prove that you have your residence or habitual abode in Germany!

  • Teilnahmebedingungen Gewinnspiel SUNLIGHT & Caravanya

SUNLIGHT CLIFF 600 Camper Van in action


Why camping is not always green

Camping is a great way to spend time outside. But unfortunately, we see again and again how the great outdoors is mistreated when it comes to waste disposal. Thus flora and fauna suffocate more and more in plastic, paper, and even organic waste left behind.

For a long time, we have been doing educational work for prudent behavior when camping. With SUNLIGHT, we found a partner for whom the littering of pitches is as much a thorn in the side as it is for us.

No desire to camp in the garbage of others? Then you have come to the right place and, on top of that, you have the chance to win a SUNLIGHT campervan for a one-week trip. Our app will take you directly to the lottery.

Garbage and wild camping

Our raffle partner
Sunlight logo

  • SUNLIGHT campervan at sunset

    The perfect campervan for your trip

  • Interior of a SUNLIGHT campervan

    Spacious relaxation and sleeping area

  • Campervan from SUNLIGHT at a pitch

    Flexible in the choice of pitch through agile vehicle design

  • Interior of a SUNLIGHT motorhome

    Comfortable home on wheels with comprehensive equipment

    SUNLIGHT develops and distributes motorhomes, vans, and camper vans in the entry-level segment. The brand embodies dynamism, pure love of adventure, sporty activity, and extraordinary experiences. It is tailored precisely to the demands of modern, active people who want to travel flexibly and at the same time comfortably in a sporty design.

    All SUNLIGHT vehicles offer top quality and state-of-the-art technology. SUNLIGHT GmbH is a company of the Erwin Hymer Group.

    SUNLIGHT Website SUNLIGHT - Freedom is my life

    Instagram Logo SUNLIGHT auf Instagram

    TimTam and his friends thank you for your interest in a greener camping future and wish you fun on your travels.

    TimTam and friends thank you

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