Is wild camping allowed in Asia?

There is no better place than the great outdoors to switch off and recover from your everyday stress. But a day trip is not enough for you, you want to become one with nature, and that includes spending the night under the stars. You want to camp wild or stand free, but you are not sure in which country it is allowed. On the following pages, you will find an overview of the rules in the different countries and prepare you with some tips and tricks for your trip.

Guidelines on where to set up camp.

Possible penalties and consequences.

Tips and tricks to avoid trouble.

What else should I prepare for on my journey.

In each country, there are three ways of dealing with wild camping. Either it is forbidden, tolerated or allowed. However, this statement cannot always be generalized, as is true for every rule, there are exceptions.

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Tips and tricks for wild camping

The exact guidelines and rules how it is with wild camping and free standing in the individual countries you can see on the respective country page. For each country, however, the following applies: Watch out for other campers and interfere with nature as little as possible. Do not destroy anything to get to a place or to make the place more comfortable. However, there are general points you can consider to find a good place for a night.

As a rule of thumb for the pitch search, you should remember: a clean pitch is a good pitch. Empty bottles, cans, broken glass or cigarette butts are a clear indication that your pitch is a popular place and that other people meet here regularly. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid the pitch and look for another one.

If you are standing on asphalt and see circular tire tracks, your pitch might be very popular with other drivers and serves as a practice ground to improve the "driving skills" of younger drivers. There are similar situations in the forest. If you come across tire tracks here, cyclists or motorcyclists are probably more likely to be around.

Trash can
A garbage can always indicates that the place is more frequently visited by other people and this is generally known. However, you should not be put off by this and take a look in the trashcan. Alcohol bottles or fast food bags indicate that the place is relatively popular, handkerchiefs, nappies or the like rather indicate that the place is visited during the day.

You were in the car the whole time, so get out of the car and take a little walk to stretch your legs. If you find garbage cans near your seat, tire tracks on the ground or you see a lot of garbage on the ground, please note the previous points. Even if all of this is a bit away from your place, you will probably still be recognizable.

Our tip: Asia is partly very densely populated. In some places, hygiene standards can also be rather suboptimal, which means that some diseases can spread faster. Before your trip you should definitely check which vaccinations you might need. You can find an overview here: ITVC.

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10 interesting, bizarre and funny facts about Asia

We all know that Asia is the largest continent in the world and with about 4 billion inhabitants the most populous. But do you also know the general attitude towards toilet paper and why in this context the left hand is not used for eating? The answer and 9 other interesting facts about Asia we have compiled for you here.

Fact #1 - The deepest lake
The deepest lake on earth is Lake Baikal in Siberia. At its deepest point it is up to 1,642 meters deep.

Fact #2 - Hygiene
In many areas of Asia, toilet paper is considered unhygienic. To clean it, use water and your left hand, so it is not used for eating.

Fact #3 - Alcohol consumption
Ever heard the rumor that Asians can't hold their liquor? This is because almost half of the population lacks an enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

Fact #4 - Mountains
The 14 largest mountains in the world, also known as the eight-thousanders, are all located on the Asian continent. Ten of them are part of the Himalaya Mountains.

Fact #5 - Average IQ
The three countries with the highest average intelligence ratios are all in Asia. They are Singapore with an IQ of 108, South Korea with an IQ of 106 and Japan with an IQ of 105.

Fact #6 - Tea
Tea probably originated in China, no wonder that the most expensive tea in the world comes from China. Pu-Erh tea costs up to 15 Euros per gram.

Fact #7 - The biggest building
The largest building in the world is located on the Asian continent. It is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Although, the Taipei 101 or the Shanghai Tower are not exactly small.

Fact #8 - Rice
Rice is an important ingredient in Asian cuisine. So important, in fact, that about 90% of the rice produced worldwide is consumed on the Asian continent.

Fact #9 - River cruise
You can take the longest river cruise in the world on the Yangtze. The cruise has a length of an amazing 2253 kilometers.

Fact #10 - More superlatives
Asia also has the largest lake, the most populous country and city, the largest country in terms of area and much, much more.


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