What kind of camping suits me?

This decision depends on the destination country, the type of accommodation, and of course your preferences. To be able to classify them, here are the advantages and disadvantages of wild camping, campsites, and pitches as well as general information about the different options.

Suitable for (almost) all: The campsite

The most widespread form of camping is the well-known campsite. It is the most expensive option, but also offers the best facilities. Apart from sanitary facilities, electricity, and water connections, campsites often have kiosks, restaurants, and leisure activities (playgrounds, children's disco, swimming, bowling, etc.). The designated area is specially designed for campers, provides protection against theft/burglary, and offers the opportunity to make contact with other camping enthusiasts. Awnings and other camping equipment can be set up on your pitch. If you don't need a 5-star hotel, but don't want to give up too much, simply like being among people, and don't want to spend your holidays on a pitch in the woods, campsites are a good place to go.

Heads up: Some campsites are not available for motorhomes or caravans.

Campsite in Romania
Campsite in Romania

For camper drivers: The camper site

Caravan site in Spain
Caravan site in Spain

One possibility that is (mostly) only used by motorhomes are caravan sites. These are mainly parking spaces which are equipped with public facilities such as toilets, showers, water, and electricity connections. Compared to campsites, however, they are less luxurious. We recommend this option when visiting large cities, in regions with overcrowded campsites for a shorter, spontaneous stay. You can also unpack your camping furniture. But remember to pack everything back and leave nothing behind. You should also take enough coins with you, as the parking fees and the use of the sanitary facilities can often only be paid with change.

With Caravanya you can find them all!

Find the best place to camp in the wild, the best pitch, or the best campsite quickly and easily with the Caravanya app. With sophisticated filters, detailed information, and ratings from other users, we will help you to discover the perfect spot for you.

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For freedom lovers: Wild camping

Wild camping is camping in the great outdoors. On beaches, in the woods, fields, and parking lots, there are many possibilities to spend the night close to nature. Although you will have to do without electricity, water supply, and sanitary facilities, you will have a quiet, free place to stay, and you can be especially spontaneous on your journey.

Heads up: In many countries, including Germany, wild camping is not allowed. Overnight stays are only tolerated to regain your fitness to drive. Click here to find detailed information about wild camping in various countries. If you want to go wild camping in your converted van, caravan, or motorhome, we recommend that you leave the camping equipment in the camper and are prepared to leave at all times. This way you will rarely experience any problems and can enjoy nature. The most important rule when wild camping is: Leave no trace.

Wild camping in Switzerland
Wild camping in Switzerland

If it should be more personal: The microcamping site

Not to be confused with official campgrounds are micro camping sites. These follow a similar principle to Couchsurfing or Airbnbs. This concept of private overnight accommodation now also extends to camping.

You can find comfortable pitches in the garden or the fields and meadows of a friendly, private host. Travelers benefit from lower costs, the hosts' insider tips on local culture, and an almost homely atmosphere. One platform on which such micro camping sites can be offered and found is Campspace. The Dutch start-up brings people who have plenty of space together with those who are just looking for it. Their offerings include private gardens, large estates, and even small cabins. The features of the pitches are as varied as the hosts themselves. Not every place is suitable for motorhomes and caravans, and not everyone who offers a place to camp wants to cater generously to their guests. In turn, however, many people come together to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Micro camping offers the right place for everyone - whether you are looking for a spot where you are alone on a wide-open field or in the garden of a family with whom you spend the evening around the campfire.


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