A trip with a caravan means one thing above all: freedom. Eat, sleep, drive when you want - that's only possible on a camping trip. With your beloved four-legged friend in tow, the whole thing is even more fun. We put together a comprehensive packing list for dogs and co. in this article, so you don't forget anything on your caravan tour. So, grab your bags and go!

Can I take my pet on a caravan trip at all?

Before you think about the packing list, you should consider whether a camping trip with your pet is even possible. After all, not every animal likes to travel in a car or caravan for a long time. Make sure that your four-legged friend can spend several hours at a time in a transport box without becoming restless or even panicking.

Also, consider what activities you would like to do in the destination country and whether they are suitable for an animal at all. For example, you should only take long hikes in rough terrain with an animal with enough stamina and without fear of bumpy passages.

Is your pet afraid of long car rides? Or have you planned activities for your camping trip that aren't really suitable for an animal? Then you might want to adapt your travel plans a bit or put your four-legged friend in loving pet care during your vacation.

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Packing list for dog and co.

For a trip with a dog, you must pack a bag for yourself and your four-legged companion. It is easy to forget something. So that this does not happen, you will find below the most important things that you should pack for your pelt nose in any case.


When you take your pet on a camping trip, you share the traveling accommodation with him, as well as the first-aid kit. What you should definitely bring along for your four-legged friend:

  • Anti-diarrheal medication
  • scissors
  • bandages
  • wound spray
  • disposable gloves
  • Eye and ear drops
  • clinical thermometer
  • tick forceps
  • tweezers
  • Medication that your pet may need
Medication for your pet
Medication for your pet

Documents & papers

Even if you are traveling with a caravan and are more or less independent, you should take certain documents with you. In many countries, animals without valid papers are not allowed to enter. Which documents you should carry for your four-legged friend in any case:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Within the EU: an EU pet passport
  • If necessary, veterinary certificates about some titers
  • Register the dog in advance with TASSO and carry the corresponding ID card with you
  • Insurance number of the dog liability insurance


Food and water bowl belong in the luggage for your four-legged friend - just like the right food. If you feed your pet raw meat, you should make some preparations in advance:

  • Find out if there are meat suppliers or BARF specialist stores in the destination country/countries.
  • If you want to take your raw food with you, you should pay attention to proper transport and storage. You may want to ask your local retailer for longer-lasting alternatives (for example, dried barf) for travel. In the best case, your pet's food will still consist of the components presented in the picture.

Sleeping place & toys

To give your pet some security in unfamiliar surroundings, take his bed or blanket with you. Set up a corner in the caravan where your pet can retreat when it needs a little rest. Fun should also be provided for: Pack your four-legged friend's favorite toys and let him romp around at least once a day - whether with a Frisbee, ball, or tug-of-war.

By the way, you can find dog-friendly places for enough exercise in our app

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Transport equipment

Do not let your pet run free in the caravan when driving. In some countries, this is even forbidden and can be punished with fines. Transport boxes, seat belts, or your own separation grids are therefore indispensable for the trips. 

Apart from the fact that it is often forbidden to let an animal run around free in a moving caravan, you should consider your and your animal's safety. Therefore, you should put your four-legged friend in a suitable transport box.

Speaking of safety - what else you should pack:

  • Leash
  • Dog harness/collar
  • Muzzle
  • Possibly a transport backpack or sling for hikes in rough terrain.
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Care products

Of course, your four-legged friend also wants to be well cared for on vacation. Among the essential grooming products that you should therefore pack, in any case, include: 

  • Comb or brush
  • Dental care (toothbrush, toothpaste, chew sticks, etc.)
  • Shampoo
  • Claw scissors


Kleider machen Tiere!?
Kleider machen Tiere!?

Some four-legged friends do not have as dense an undercoat as others. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the clothing for your furry darling when it gets a little colder outside. This includes:

  • Coat or sweater
  • If necessary little shoes
  • Towels to rub dry

How to make the caravan trip with dog and co. a success

Do you want your four-legged friend to come along on the caravan trip? Then let's go. But before you start your adventure, you need to pack your suitcase - not only for you but also for your beloved four-legged friend. With the packing list above, you're sure to have everything you need and can enjoy the trip with your companion to the fullest. We wish you a lot of fun already now!

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Written by
Gastautorin: Sina Delgado Hernandez

Sina Delgado Hernandez works for Hund & Sport Hungenberg GmbH as a business manager. She finished her training at the BARF store Futter-Fundgrube and has two cats and a dog herself. As a result, she is perfectly familiar with the species-appropriate feeding and keeping of pets and is an expert in her field.

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