Who is our camping guide for?

  • Are you trying to organize your very first camping trip? We'll show you tips and tricks so that it will be the perfect experience.
  • You have already been camping once or twice and are looking for ways to improve your trips even more? Even for experienced travelers, the various articles offer interesting information and make you a camping expert.
  • With countless trips and plenty of experience, would you describe yourself as a camping expert? Maybe you will find some ideas for your next experience.

Most importantly, we need your help to perfect our guide. If you have any tips and tricks that should be included in our guide, please let us know. We look forward to your suggestions and ideas because as we all know, you never stop learning.

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From the perfect camping site to the necessary camping equipment

Let your soul dangle, nature under your nose, and the freedom to travel as you please. These are just some of the many advantages of camping. Do you plan your trip meticulously before you set off, or are you more of the spontaneous and adventurous type? Do you want a hot shower and then roam the Internet thanks to W-LAN, or is a simple camping shower enough? Would you rather sleep in a comfortable bed or spend the night under the stars? Whatever you decide, camping makes everything possible. This way of traveling combines independence, nature, and peace with meeting new people and discovering foreign cultures. Be it in an unknown country or just another corner of the country. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want.

We want to look at the subject of camping from all angles. Among other things we show you

  • how you can best prepare for your trip by motorhome, car or tent
  • what things should be in your suitcase and your basic equipment
  • how to behave correctly as a camper
  • what comes on your journey to strengthen you for new adventures.



Camping by the campfire

Some first tips

Haven't had enough of camping yet? Here are four additional tips and recommendations from the Caravanya team.

Restoration of the driving capability
In some countries, you may stop for a maximum of one night in places where it is not explicitly prohibited to do so, to re-establish your driving capability. However, you should show any activity resembling camping. This permission is only for quiet overnight stays in motorhomes or caravans. You can find more information on this subject under the heading wild camping.

Naturally chasing away mosquitoes
Herbs such as mint, lemon balm, basil, and rosemary chase away mosquitoes while elevating your camping kitchen to a whole new level. If you don't have a green thumb, essential oils with lemongrass, eucalyptus, or clove aroma can also scare away the little beasts. The brave amongst you can make themselves unattractive to mosquitoes by eating garlic.

Take your bike with you
If space allows, take a bicycle with you. This way, you are much more mobile and less restricted to fixed routes. Camping sites are often located outside of towns and villages, so having a bicycle with you makes your life easier and is easier on your feet. Especially if you are traveling with a motorhome, it is quite cumbersome to drive into town or take a day trip.

Don't forget your toiletries
Since Corona, everyone is aware of the relevance of toilet paper and disinfectant. But we'll say it again: Not every camping and rest area is equipped with enough resources. Bring your toilet paper, soap, and disinfectant with you to avoid running short. Something is better than nothing.


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Comes from a village where there are more cows than inhabitants and therefore has always been found in nature. When she is not on the road with the camper, she takes care of social media, marketing, and your mails to Caravanya.

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