Is wild camping allowed in Bulgaria?

No Tolerated! Yes

No, wild camping, also known as boondocking, dry camping, or dispersed camping, is not officially allowed in Bulgaria. However, according to many reports by campers, wild camping is usually tolerated by residents and authorities.

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Written by: Phil
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Last researched: Winter 2021/2022

Although wild camping is prohibited by law in Bulgaria, it is not punished in most cases. Especially, away from tourist areas and large metropolises, the chances of getting into trouble with authorities and residents are relatively low.

However, to avoid any problems, you should keep a few points in mind when setting up camp in the wilderness.

  • Stay away from the big cities because they have stricter controls.
  • Avoid nature parks and nature reserves, as in the worst case the penalties can be up to 1000 €.
  • If you want to spend the night in a private area, you must ask the owner for permission beforehand.

Of course, you should follow the general rules of wild camping. By the way, in Bulgaria it is strictly forbidden to light a fire away from public fireplaces, so use your camping stove if you want to get something to eat.

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Tips and tricks for wild camping in Bulgaria

From the Balkan Mountains with their vast forests and deep gorges to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Black Sea, Bulgaria has something for every taste. Thanks to the mild climate you can go on a wonderful camping trip from spring to autumn and see the enchanting landscape of this Balkan country.

The streets
The condition of many roads in Bulgaria is substandard. This is especially true for country roads and smaller municipalities. On the roads, you can find potholes, big stones, or other obstacles like stray dogs. To avoid damage to your car, in the middle of nowhere, you should not drive at night in unknown areas if possible.

Traffic rules
In Bulgaria, driving with a low beam even during the day is obligatory. From 15 November to 01 March, you have to have winter-tires mounted. If you do not drive with your low beams on or fitted winter-tires, you should make sure that any penalties at police checks are never to be paid in cash, but always by direct debit. If a 'policeman' demands cash, he is not a real policeman.

All vehicles, except for motorcycles, require a vignette on Bulgarian roads. Since the beginning of 2019, the vignette is digital and can be purchased at petrol stations, border crossings, or from road authorities. You can also buy it before you start your journey at If you drive without a valid vignette, you can be fined up to 150 €.

Obligation to carry
To avoid penalties, make sure that you carry the equipment required in Bulgaria. In addition to a first-aid kit and warning triangle, every vehicle in Bulgaria must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. During vehicle inspections, Warning vests are not mandatory. However, if you have to leave your vehicle on country roads or motorways, all vehicle occupants will need a warning vest.

10 interesting, bizarre and funny facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria has long since ceased to be an insider tip when it comes to travel. But what do you know about Bulgaria? What do Bulgarians have to do with perfume? Why is Bulgarian yogurt so special? We have compiled the answers and eight other interesting facts for you here.

Fact #1 - Age
Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe, which has not changed its name, since its foundation in 681. With over 7.000 years, the capital Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe.

Fact #2 - Alphabet
The monks Cyril and Method developed the glagitory alphabet. It is the predecessor of today's Cyrillic alphabet and was named after the monk Cyril.

Fact #3 - Special reason for dismissal
In 2010, Dimitar Kerin, a member of the city council, was dismissed to "take better care of his virtual farm." He played too much Farmville.

Fact #4 - Gold
The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in the cemeteries of Varna. It is over 6.000 years old. Varna is the birthplace of goldsmithing.

Fact #5 - Smart Population
According to Mensa, the Bulgarian population, in terms of average IQ, ranks very high. One of the smartest people in the world is Daniela Simidchieva from Bulgaria, with an IQ of 200.

Fact #6 - Yoghurt
In Bulgaria, Yogurt has a very special taste. The reason is the bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which only occurs in the Bulgarian air.

Fact #7 - Valley of Roses
The Valley of Roses is an area in Bulgaria. The roses grown here are processed into rose oil, which is an important component of perfume. 70% of the world's rose oil comes from this region.

Fact #8 - The eighth wonder of the world
Is what Bulgarian folk music is also called. Need proof? The song 'Izlel e Delyo Haidutin' was sent into space as part of the Voyager Golden Record.

Fact #9 - Rafail's cross
The Rafail cross can be admired in the monastery of Rila. There are 104 religious scenes with 650 small figures on the 81 x 43 cm large cross. The carving took 12 years.

Fact #10 - No lost flag
The Bulgarian army has never lost a single flag in a war. No country has ever conquered a Bulgarian flag during a battle.

Everything you need to know for your trip


  • Warning triangle Yes
  • Safety vest Yes, one per occupant
  • First aid kit Yes
  • Replacement lamp set No
  • Spare tyre / repair set No
  • Fire extinguisher Yes
  • Tow rope No
  • Tear rope for all trailers No


  • Do I need a vignette, or are there tolls? Yes
  • Vignete/Maut more info:
  • Right hand trafficTo avoid dazzling other road users, you need to readjust or mask your headlights if they have asymmetrical light and are right-hand drive
  • Is it compulsory to drive with lights on during the day? Yes


  • Is the tap water potable? Yes
  • Socket type: C + F
  • Energency numbers: 112
  • Currency: BGN
  • Official Languages: Bulgarian
  • Country licence plate code: BG

Average prices, in €

  • Price coffee rounded: 1.25
  • Price beer rounded: 1.25

Entry conditions for animals

  • You need a valid EU pet passport in which your animal is clearly identified (microchip or tattoo), as well as a rabies vaccination valid on entry. The rabies vaccination must be at least 21 days old, but not older than 6 months. Yes
  • If your entry is from a non-EU country with a reduced rabies status, you must have a rabies antibody test carried out approximately four weeks before you enter the country and have it entered on your EU pet passport. Yes
  • Your dog must be treated for tapeworms 24 to 120 hours before entry. No
  • In addition to a valid EU pet passport with all the required entries, you also need an official veterinary health certificate (max. 10 days old). Yes
  • The import of fighting dogs or breeds classified as dangerous is not permitted. No
  • Special features: * Health certificate max. 5 days old. You also need a tapeworm vaccination (max. 60 days old) and brucellosis vaccination (max. 15 days old).

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