Is wild camping allowed in Northern Ireland?

No, wild camping and free standing are not officially allowed in Northern Ireland. However, most of the land is privately owned and the owners allow camping for one night.

Last researched: Autumn 2020

In Ireland, wild camping and free standing are not allowed and in the worst case can be punished with fines from 100 € to 150 €.

Away from tourist areas and national parks, however, most residents and authorities tend to take a relaxed view of this ban and tolerate wild campers if you adhere to the general rules of conduct. Since most of the land is privately owned, you can camp here for one or two nights with the permission of the owner.

Wild camping is strictly forbidden in nature reserves and on agricultural lands such as fields, pastures, and fields. In most cases, you will also find signs indicating the prohibition.

Short break at the coast
Short break at the coast
Cliffs in Northern Ireland
Cliffs in Northern Ireland

Tips and tricks for wild camping in Northern Ireland

Nature lovers favor a journey through Northern Ireland. Whether the mysterious forests, the green meadows, or the breathtaking coast, the nature of Northern Ireland is still untouched in many areas and invites you to take a walk. Unique locations, such as the Giant's Causeway or Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, are a must-see. We have provided some hints on what you should consider when traveling to Northern Ireland and what you shouldn't miss as a fantasy fan.

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom, as do England, Scotland, and Wales. Accordingly, you should consider the same things on your trip.

  • The weather is relatively mild but can change quickly, so be prepared for anything.
  • The speed is given in miles per hour, but if you are going to Ireland this may change, so make sure that it is miles or kilometers.



Follow the tracks of Game of Thrones
Whether you're a fan or not doesn't matter. Nature and locations awaiting you here are fantastic. Whether it's the Dark Hedges or the Mussenden Temple, you shouldn't miss these places when you're driving through Northern Ireland.

Brit Stops
If you have been traveling for some time and would like to have a warm shower or have a deeper conversation with the locals you should buy Brit Stops. After registration, you will receive a book with a variety of hosts who will provide you with a free campsite. From winegrowers to breweries to farms.

10 interesting, bizarre and funny facts about Northern Ireland

That Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom is as well known as the fact that the Titanic was built in Belfast and made its maiden voyage here. But that lakes are disappearing and reappearing here and the sending of potatoes abroad is prohibited is less known. Here we have collected ten interesting facts about Ireland.

Fact #1 - Young country
A quarter of the country's population is younger than 16, which is the youngest in the UK. Over 45 percent are under 30 years old.

Fact #2 - Game of Thrones to the first
Northern Ireland has more locations of success than any other country in the world. Therefore, there are many exhibitions and extra itineraries.

Fact #3 - Game of Thrones for the second time
Not surprising given the multitude of locations, but surprising nevertheless, the television series employs more Northern Ireland than the public service.

Fact #4 - Chinese
The official language is English. However, Chinese is the most widely spoken minority language in Northern Ireland, followed by Irish and Ulster Scots.

Fact #5 - Disappearing Lake
Loughareema regularly disappears. The reason: the lake's drainage holes are clogged by peat and become leaky after some time, which causes it to form and then disappear again.

Fact #6 - Ulster Fry
This is a typical Irish breakfast. It always includes black pudding, sausages, fried bacon, fried eggs, potato pancakes, and fried soda bread.

Fact #7 - Attention potatoes
There is the "Marketing of Potatoes Act" of 1964 which states that authorities can confiscate all potatoes if they suspect that they should be sent abroad.

Fact #8 - No official flag
Northern Ireland has not had its flag since 1973 and uses the Union-Jack. Only at sporting events is the flag of Northern Ireland used instead of the Union-Jack.

Fact #9 - Area
Northern Ireland is the smallest country in the United Kingdom and the country with the lowest population density after Scotland. One reason why nature is so untouched.

Fact #10 - Going to the cinema is a punishable offense
At least theoretically. According to the Sunday Observation Act, it is illegal to go to the movies on Sundays and imposes penalties of 50 pounds. However, it is never enforced.

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