I packed my camper and in it,...

...I put what exactly? What you should take with you on your way depends largely on you and your needs. The camping community ranges from very minimalist campers to advocates of glamping (glamorous camping). Depending on where you land on this scale, you have to pack accordingly. However, some items are a must on every camping trip, no matter how luxurious your trip is going to be.

With our packing list, you get a good overview of the basic equipment so that you don't miss anything on your trip, but also don't carry a lot of useless stuff in your bags. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed list for you. You will not necessarily need all items, or maybe even more than we have listed here.

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What do I need for my trip?
What do I need for my trip?

The packing list for your camping trip

To give you a better overview of what to pack, we have divided the packing list for your camping trip into different categories. If something is missing on our list, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will update the list.

  • General equipment for trips
  • Basic equipment for tents
  • Related to the vehicle
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • Camping kitchen - utensils
  • Camping kitchen - food
  • Hygiene & Protection
  • Cleanliness
  • First aid
  • Documents and finances
  • Electronics and entertainment
  • Animal companions
  • Nice to have

More tips on camping equipment

A good camper packs as space-saving as possible:

  • Travel provisions, first aid kit, documents, and other important items should be kept in reach.
  • Clothes can be rolled, placed in small cavities, or between plates and bowls.
  • Use sample packs (e.g. for shampoo, shower gel, and creams) instead of carrying the full-size products.
  • Focus on versatile items such as clothes with detachable parts that can be used in hot and cold temperatures.
  • Also, you should think about what you will need fist on your camping trip and pack accordingly. For example, the tent should be on top so that your luggage and bedding don't have to lie in the dirt until you have set it up.

Plan meals to know what food you need to pack

  • So you don't lack ingredients if you want to cook something delicious and
  • the food taken along is used and does not rot.

Note the total weight allowed

  • This determines how much your equipment may weigh
  • You will find the necessary information in the respective vehicle registration document.

The most important thing

Enjoy the freedom and exuberance of camping and don't worry if you forget something. Most of the time you will meet helpful people, you can simply buy additional things or help yourself with a little improvisation.

Note: These suggestions, especially regarding the travel first-aid kit, are non-binding recommendations based on our own experience. No liability is assumed for the correctness, completeness, or compatibility!


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