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  • With Caravanya, you can find pitches worldwide, no matter what kind of vehicle you are traveling in. And new ones are added regularly.
  • If a place is not available, you can easily add it yourself. If the information is outdated or something is missing, you can add that too. 
  • Quality instead of quantity - Every place is moderated by Caravanya before it is released.
  • You can see at first glance: what kind of pitch it is, which features it has, and what the average user rating is.
  • Search for pitches near you or at your destination.

Filter options at Caravanya

Even the most beautiful campsites, most hidden wild camping spots, or best RV parks are of no use if you can't find them. That's why we have a variety of well-thought-out filters.

  • Type of site (camping, camper site, etc.)
  • Equipment (electricity, water, sewage, toilet, etc.)
  • Location (in nature, by the water, etc.)
  • Characteristics (child-friendly, dog-friendly, etc.)
  • Activities in the area (hiking, swimming, surfing, etc.)

With our easy-to-understand filters, you will find the place you are looking for.

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    A short overview of the user interface and filters in the Caravanya app


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      Pitch information in the Caravanya App

      Choose a pitch, and you will find all the information at a glance:

      • Coordinates
      • Address of the site
      • Your phone number
      • e-mail address
      • Site name
      • Satellite image and photos of the square

      Leave comments and ratings if you liked the place and point out special features to future visitors. 
      We want to make Caravanya your perfect travel companion and welcome you as part of the Caravanya community.

      By the way, our app is available in nine different languages, and your account is synchronized regardless of the operating system. Your profile and favorite places are available on both iOS and Android without you having to do anything.

      Your profile at Caravanya

      However, our focus is not the pitches nor the filters, but you and your camping experience.

      • Create your profile with an individual profile picture.
      • Save your favorites.
      • Keep track of pitches you have created.

      We want you to discover new pitches or save your favorites without having to pay for them. That's why our pitches app is free.

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        The unique features of the Caravanya App

        Besides the practical and straightforward pitch search, we have other great features.

        • Sharing is caring. That's why you can recommend beautiful camping sites to your friends and share the pitch with them.
        • Connect with your friends via the friend code in the app. Browse their comments, favorites, and created pitches at a glance via your friend's list. 

        (Wild) camping guide

        Caravanya doesn't just have pitches on offer. Complementary to the app, there is more information about (wild) camping here on our website:


        • We have done extensive research for every continent and country in Europe on whether wild camping is allowed and what the rules are. 
        • You can easily access this information in the app and on Caravanya.com, so you're always up to date. 
        • Click on a wild camping site in the app, and you will find our simple traffic light principle in the description. So you can see at first glance if it is allowed or not. Click on the smiley to find out more.
        • On our website, we have summarized the current information for all countries on a clear map.


        • Our camping guide includes articles about camping, adventurous travel reports, and informative test reports. 
        • Not only camping newbies but also experienced campers will find information worth knowing, useful tips and tricks, and an insight into the camping life. 

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