Is wild camping allowed in Ukraine?

No Tolerated! Yes

Yes, wild camping, also known as boondocking, dry camping, or dispersed camping, is officially allowed in Ukraine. However, some points should be observed to avoid trouble with the authorities.

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Written by: Alex
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Last researched: Winter 2021/2022

Even though wild camping is officially allowed in Ukraine, you should consider a few points when choosing your campsite, to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities and residents.

  • Do not camp in nature reserves, as you may be subject to penalties here.
  • If you are setting up your camp on private property, you should ask for permission beforehand.
  • Stay away from main roads.

You should also be careful not to stay near border crossings, as the regulations are stricter here as well.

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Pitch in the nature
Pitch in the nature
Wild camping in the wood
Wild camping in the wood

Tips and tricks for wild camping in Ukraine

On a journey through Ukraine, you will encounter untouched landscapes, historic cities, extensive wine-growing areas, the impressive Carpathians and of course much more. As wild camping and being free in Ukraine is legal, you will find plenty of pitches to explore the country. Here we have collected a few points you should keep in mind during your trip.

At the border crossings, you should expect to wait several hours before entering the country. If you have also borrowed a camper for your trip, you should urgently carry a power of attorney from the vehicle owner in Ukrainian with you.

Domestic political situation
Ukraine is a beautiful country and worth a visit. Due to the current domestic political situation, you should, however, take some distance to East Ukraine and the Crimea, or inform yourself about the prevailing political situation before your trip.

Again and again, travelers report about corrupt policemen or authorities in Ukraine. Even if this only applies to individual cases and should not be generalized, you should always insist on receipts when making payments or pay the penalty at a police station.

Traffic rules
In Ukraine, there is a blood alcohol limit of 0.0. If you are checked during a vehicle inspection and exceed this value, you may be subject to fines of 240 € up to 700 €. In the worst case, you could lose your driving license or even be sentenced to imprisonment if you are found to be guilty of multiple offenses.

10 interesting, bizarre and funny facts about the Ukraine

In recent years Ukraine has appeared more and more frequently in the news. Almost everyone has heard of the Crimea. Chernobyl and the city of Prypyat are also well known. But what is Horilka? Or why do some tourists look at a subway station? You can find the answers and other interesting facts here.

Fact #1 - McDonald's
The inhabitants of Kyiv love McDonald's. With around two million orders per year, the branch next to the main railway station is one of the three branches with the highest turnover worldwide.

Fact #2 - Arsenalna
The Arsenalna underground station is 105.5 m underground, making it the lowest metro station in the world. To reach the station, you have to go down an escalator for five minutes.

Fact #3 - The Mother Home Statue
The Mother-Home Statue in Kyiv is a 102 m large and 500 t heavy colossal statue, which was erected to commemorate the Second World War. It is a woman with a sword and a shield.

Fact #4 - Size
Even though Russia is the largest country in Europe, Ukraine with 603.628 km² is the largest country on the European continent.

Fact #5 - Antonov An-225
The Antonov An-225 "Mrija" is a cargo aircraft manufactured in Kyiv. It is the heaviest aircraft ever built and, until April 2019, it was the largest aircraft in the world.

Fact #6 - Sunflowers
Ukraine is one of the largest sunflower seed producers in the world. It is estimated that sunflower fields are about the same size as Slovenia.

Fact #7 - The breadbasket of Europe
Ukraine is also known as the breadbasket of Europe. The reason is its particularly fertile soil. By the way, the Ukrainian flag symbolizes golden wheat under a blue sky.

Fact #8 - IT experts
Not only are there are a lot of sunflowers and wheat in Ukraine. After the USA, India, and Russia, Ukraine ranks fourth among the countries with the most IT experts.

Fact #9 - Cafés
Lviv has the highest number of cafés per inhabitant in the world. There are about 1.200 cafés in the small 720.000 inhabitants town.

Fact #10 - Horilka
Horilka is a Ukrainian drink, which is often used as an umbrella term for vodka. The main difference is its sharpness. Horilka is often seasoned with chili.

Everything you need to know for your trip


  • Warning triangle Yes
  • Safety vest No
  • First aid kit Yes
  • Replacement lamp set Yes
  • Spare tyre / repair set No
  • Fire extinguisher Yes
  • Tow rope No
  • Tear rope for all trailers No


  • Do I need a vignette, or are there tolls? No
  • Right hand trafficTo avoid dazzling other road users, you need to readjust or mask your headlights if they have asymmetrical light and are right-hand drive
  • Is it compulsory to drive with lights on during the day? Yes, with special requirements
  • Daylight obligation special features: In the period from October 1 to April 30, you must drive with daytime running lights or dipped headlights during the day.


  • Is the tap water potable? No
  • Socket type: C+F
  • Energency numbers: 03
  • Currency: Hrywna (UAH)
  • Official Languages: Ukrainian
  • Country licence plate code: UA

Average prices, in €

  • Price coffee rounded: 1.00
  • Price beer rounded: 0.75

Entry conditions for animals

  • You need a valid EU pet passport in which your animal is clearly identified (microchip or tattoo), as well as a rabies vaccination valid on entry. The rabies vaccination must be at least 21 days old, but not older than 6 months. Yes
  • If your entry is from a non-EU country with a reduced rabies status, you must have a rabies antibody test carried out approximately four weeks before you enter the country and have it entered on your EU pet passport. Yes
  • Your dog must be treated for tapeworms 24 to 120 hours before entry. No
  • In addition to a valid EU pet passport with all the required entries, you also need an official veterinary health certificate (max. 10 days old). Yes
  • The import of fighting dogs or breeds classified as dangerous is not permitted. No

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