Is wild camping allowed in Kosovo?

Wild camping and standing free is neither officially allowed nor forbidden in Kosovo. In practice, however, the issue is dealt with in a very relaxed manner and there are hardly any problems.

Last researched: Autumn 2020

Wild camping and standing free with a camper van is not allowed by law in Kosovo, but it is also not forbidden. Since there are few campsites in Kosovo, travelers rarely have any other option, which is why it is tolerated by the authorities and causes no problems.

Of course, as always, you should follow the rules of the wild camp and check with landowners before setting up your camp.

Even though the authorities usually do not have any problems with wild campers, you should not pitch your tent near public buildings.

Pitch in Kosovo
Pitch in Kosovo

Tips and tricks for wild camping in Kosovo

Wild camping is not a problem in Kosovo and is tolerated almost everywhere. In the worst case you will be sent to another place. However, there are other things you should bear in mind on your trip, especially if you are returning via Kosovo.

Traveling via Serbia
Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as an independent country, which is why it is only possible to leave Kosovo via Serbia if you have also previously entered Kosovo via Serbia. If this is not the case, an exit from Serbia is very complicated because you officially entered Serbia illegally. But you can travel from Kosovo to any other country and from there directly to Serbia.

Car Insurance
The Green Insurance Card is not recognized in Kosovo. At the border, you have to take out a local motor liability insurance. You can also order this before your trip at the following address:

Road condition
Road conditions in Kosovo are very poor in many places, so night driving should be avoided if possible.

10 interesting, bizarre and funny facts about Kosovo

That Kosovo is the smallest country of the Balkan peninsula and that there was a war there a few years ago is known to many, but unfortunately it was often already. But the small country has a lot more to offer. Did you know, for example, what Kosovo means or what Tonybler is? We have compiled the answers and other interesting facts for you here.

Fact #1 - Age
Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe. The average age is 29.1 years, and over 70 % of the population is under 35.

Fact #2 - Flag
Besides Cyprus, Kosovo is the only country that has its outline on the national flag.

Fact #3 - Name origin
The name Kosovo derives from a Serbian place name and means "fields of the blackbird."

Fact #4 - Forests
About 40% of the country is covered by forests. Most of the forests are in the southwest of the country.

Fact #5 - Tonybler
Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is a hero in Kosovo, some families named their children after him: Tonybler.

Fact #6 - Olympic Games
Kosovo took part in the Olympic Games for the first time in 2016 and won its first gold medal in judo.

Fact #7 - Young country
Kosovo is the second youngest country in the world. It declared its independence on 17 February 2008, only Southern Sudan is younger.

Fact #8 - Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton is considered a hero similar to Tony Blair and even has his statue in the capital of Pristina.

Fact #9 - Citizenship
Citizenship is not automatically acquired when you are born in Kosovo, one parent must come from Kosovo.

Fact #10 - Income
Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe after Moldova. Its average income is less than 500 €.

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