Often there are no ground-level pitches when camping. Then drive-on chocks are suitable to ensure a stable ground. They also prevent the camper or caravan from rolling away. There are chocks in various forms and from different materials. Among other things, you can find step chocks, inclined chocks, or round chocks. When choosing the right wheel chock, the weight and size of your camper are important. Depending on the vehicle model, different wheel chocks are suitable. Therefore, you should follow the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer to find the right one. By the way, in technical jargon, this is called aligning or leveling. You can use chocks for a caravan, motor home, or campervan.

That's why you should use wheel chocks for caravans and motorhomes

Using wheel chocks
Using wheel chocks

As a camper, it's probably hard to imagine parking without drive-up chocks. You can use them to position the motorhome, caravan, or campervan horizontally. Often the shower drain valve is located on one side. If the car is standing on a slope, the water might not drain properly, and the shower tray quickly becomes full. Of course, this also applies to sinks. In addition, a horizontal position is important when frying and cooking so that the fat does not float on one side of the pan. Also, of course, loose objects roll to that side. Even if you don't have a sink, stove, or shower in your motorhome or bus, you'll notice the slant at the latest when you sleep. Sleeping comfortably in a tilted position is difficult.

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Positioning the drive-up chocks correctly under the motorhome

The first time driving the wheel chocks can be difficult. Therefore, it's helpful to have someone help you do it. You can also help yourself out by placing a spirit level on the floor of your vehicle. Drive carefully in first gear onto the previously positioned chocks. Many models have different levels, which allows you to check if the vehicle is already successfully aligned or you still need to go further. If you have a caravan, you can also pull the trailer onto the chocks with your car.

Accessories for drive-on chocks

You should use a spirit level, if possible, to determine exactly when the vehicle is level. Also, after use, you should store the chocks in a bag to prevent the contamination of the vehicle.

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