Caravanya tests: CAP 500 M Plus from Kathrein

There are two types of campers. Those who sit around the campfire in the evening, telling each other scary stories, and those who love to spend the night in the great outdoors, enjoy nature, and still like to stream TV and radio. If you belong to the second group, we recommend the Kathrein CAP 500 M Plus SAT system as a faithful travel companion.

The fully automatic CAP 500 M Plus SAT antenna enables streaming live TV and radio to smartphones and tablets - anytime, anywhere. So independence is the first advantage of this product. But why not just stream from your cell phone? Some places are perfect for wild camping, but there is no cell phone network. That's when Kathrein's CAP 500 M Plus can come in very handy because it automatically connects to a satellite.

We test the CAP 500 M Plus from Kathrein
We test the CAP 500 M Plus from Kathrein

How it works


The product includes a portable camping satellite system, the CAP converter V2, and the UFZ 131 WLAN/USB adapter to create a hotspot for your smartphone and tablet. First, you must connect the CAP converter to a 12V power source. If you are traveling with your camper, you can clip the power cable to your battery. But any other 12V battery will work as well, so feel free to get creative. In our test, for example, we used a battery for a cordless screwdriver. It is important to clamp a 5 amp fuse in between the receiver and the power source. The manual shows you what you have to do. If you are unsure, you should consult specialist personnel or experienced campers.

The CAP converter is connected to the satellite system by a satellite cable. Once you have connected the satellite dish to the converter, it automatically aligns itself and receives a signal (the preset is Astra 19.2° East). To do this, it must have a clear view of the equator. Phil goes into more detail about this in the test video. The alignment typically takes about 90sec but was completed faster in our case. The CAP converter converts the satellite signal, and you can stream it to the mobile device with up to 300 Mbit/s via the connected WLAN/USB adapter (2.4 and 5 GHz). But how and where exactly do you receive the live TV and radio stream? All you need is Kathrein's CAPControl app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Advantages of the Kathrein CAP 500 M Plus

The satellite dish is a true lightweight. With 4.5 kilograms, you can easily take it with you and set it up anywhere. The attached handle makes it very easy to transport. It even fits on a bicycle trailer, and you will have no problem storing it in your camper. The quality is topnotch and impresses with good reception performance, high-quality processing, and easy operation. As a cool gimmick, we also want to mention the anti-theft device attached to the satellite dish. It allows you to leave it outside and anchor it to your car. Furthermore, a protective cover protects the connections against rain.

Anti-theft device
Anti-theft device

The CAP 500 M Plus satellite system under test


Our conclusion on the CAP 500 M Plus satellite system

The CAP 500 M Plus satellite system from Kathrein is a well-thought-out solution for all camping enthusiasts who also enjoy TV and radio in the great outdoors and do not want to rely on the cell phone network working. Quality, stability, and durability lead to unforgettable TV experiences during the camping adventure.

Want to know more? Take a look at the Kathrein website.


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