Caravanya tests: silwy - magnetic glasses

With their magnetic drinking glasses, silwy promises: No more broken and clinking glasses on the way to the next pitch. We put it to the test for you!

Silwy's key to success is based on magnetism. The integrated magnet in the products (in the drinking glasses and hooks/pins) interacts with its counterpart in the pads, the metal bar, or the large metal nano-gel mat. The strength of the magnetic force is always determined by the metallic accessories, for example, the solid metalcore in the bar or the metal foil in the metal nano-gel pads and mat.

In silwy magnetic drinkware, the magnets are integrated directly into the base. It is visible, but there are no unsightly edges. With the magnetic system for hooks and pins, the magnets are integrated into the elements.

We test the products from silwy
We test the products from silwy

Product details

The products at a glance
The products at a glance

Here you have an overview of all products we were allowed to test:

  • silwy wine glass: height: 217mm | width: 82mm, Tritan crystal glass from Bavaria, in a set with a metal nano gel pad
  • silwy long drink glasses: height: 141mm | width: 88mm, scratch-resistant and shatterproof HIGHTECH plastic, in a set with a metal nano-gel pad
  • silwy drinking cup with lid: height: 100mm | width: 82mm, high quality, tested food-grade plastic (BPA free), the lid has a drinking straw opening, comes with a metal nano gel pad
  • Metal nano-gel pad for magnetic drinking glasses: height: 2mm | width: 400mm | depth: 270mm, can be individually cut to size and flexibly placed and removed
  • Metal bar for drinking glasses, pins, and hooks: height: 5mm | width: 50mm | depth: 250mm, holds up to 10kg, can be placed horizontally, vertically, or upside down, 3M adhesive layer for powerful, permanent hold
  • Magnetic Hook "THE ONE": Height: 20mm | Width: 65mm | Depth: 65mm, with enclosed metal nano-gel pad load capacity up to 0.4kg (in combination with the metal bar up to 10kg), can be placed flexibly
  • Magnet pins "FLEX": Height: 20mm | Width: 50mm | Depth: 50mm, in combination with enclosed metal nano-gel pad load capacity up to 10 sheets of paper of 80 g each

All products MADE IN GERMANY

Quality and handling

The processing of silwy products is very high quality. Especially the wine glass made of crystal glass feels great and makes an elegant impression. The long drink glasses and drinking cups have a modern look and are perfect camping equipment due to their scratch-resistant material. The lid of the drinking cup fits very tight, which could especially inspire campers with children on board. We are also impressed by the leather look of the pads.

But now for the endurance test: The silwy magnetic drinking glasses deliver what they promise, as you can see in our test video. While everything else moved around in the caravan on the bumpy road, the magnetic drinking glasses and the liquid stayed in place. The pads will stick on just about any surface. Another plus is the longevity of the adhesion. The magnets retain their attractive forces forever, and if the underside of the flexibly placeable metal nano-gel pads no longer sticks, all you have to do is wash them off with clean water. Then they are like new again.

Glass and pad
Glass and pad

The magnetic drinking glasses from silwy in the test


Our conclusion about the magnetic drinking glasses from silwy

Silwy keeps its promise. Never again shards or stains on the upholstery. The drinking glasses hold bombproof on almost all surfaces, so they survive every ride over unpaved and uneven roads. The hooks and pins also impress us with their high load-bearing capacity and the fact that they don't require drilling holes or glue residue. Yes, the products from silwy are not cheap. But for this quality, stability, and durability, we gladly pay this price.

If silwy's products have convinced you, feel free to check out their website.

For transparency: We got the drinking glasses for free on request.


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