No matter how hard you cross your fingers and ask the weather gods for mercy: There are some days or weeks, even on camping vacations, when the weather conditions don't allow you to leave your camper. But other factors, such as the prevailing pandemic, can also force you to stay inside.

To avoid getting cabin fever, don't sit at the window in melancholy while raindrops are falling rolling down your window. To make use of this phase, we have listed several activities to pass the time. Apart from the show and movie marathons, there are many other possibilities to entertain and distract yourself!

Board games are always fun
Board games are always fun

The camper classic: board games

This leisure activity is well known on camping trips but is far from being exhausted. On the one hand, you have established board and card games such as Ludo, UNO, or Yahtzee. On the other hand, new games are released every day. They promote creativity, serve as evening entertainment, and let people spend time together more consciously.

Our game recommendations

  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Qwixx
  • Ligretto
  • Code names
  • Skyjo

Turn your camper into a studio: art activities

Other activities during rainy days and curfews are drawing, painting, crafting, and other manual work. Although these things are more associated with childhood or one's grandmother, they work for every age. Even (young) adults can discover the Picasso in themselves, knit clothes for the winter, and make jewelry or macramé to hang up plants. Instructions can be found on the internet and show easy to follow steps on how to get a great result.

Explore the world from inside your camper: (audio) books

Grab yourself a good book! Reading allows you to use your imagination, and you can integrate your own, especially visual, ideas into the plot.  Those who prefer to listen to a story can choose audiobooks. On YouTube, Spotify, and other music streaming services, you will find a big selection of all genres.

Interesting books for campers

  • The Greatest Survival Stories of All Time
  • The Magic Camper Van & The Pirate Island
  • The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit
  • Or you write your own story in "The Camping Logbook"
Reading stimulates the imagination
Reading stimulates the imagination

Even in the smallest camper, there is room for sports

If you prefer to be active, sport is a good choice. Outside under the awning, in the caravan (yes, there' s enough room for sports) or during a (rain) walk in nature. This way you can explore yourself and your environment in a completely new way. And, of course, sport also keeps you warm.

Relax your mind
Relax your mind

Meditation and yoga are part of van life

Let your mind rest after all those impressions, listen to the sound of rain, and recover your own calmness. With meditation, peaceful yoga elements, and conscious relaxation, you will soon be more motivated and mindful.

The best YouTube channels for yoga

  • Alo Yoga
  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Mady Morrison
  • Yoga by Candace
  • The Journey Junkie
  • Boho Beautiful

Get to know and improve your camper van

Being "locked up" in a small room can be quite annoying. During this, you could deal with your tent, caravan, motorhome, or converted van and perfect your vehicle, maybe even by doing a conversion. Also, you could get familiar with the electronics and the engine. In any case, there is no longer any excuse for not having the time to do this.

Whether sun or rain - you will find the perfect pitch with our app

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Make your camper shine and wield the cleaning cloth

"The weather's too nice to do any cleaning."- You can't use that specious reasoning when it's raining cats and dogs. And even if a global pandemic stops people from going out, the excuses dwindle faster than you can say "cleaning rags". But don't worry: with a funky playlist or a good audiobook and the right technique, cleaning is much easier and can even be fun.

Use your camping kitchen

In stressful everyday life, people often rush while cooking, gobble up food, and have lost the ability to enjoy. Why not take the time to prepare a dish and throw yourself into a recipe that is not advertised as "easy and quick". Enjoy tasty food and try to taste each ingredient and perceive the different consistencies. This unleashes the taste and tones up your senses.

Here are our recommendations for useful cookbooks

  • 50 Essential Camping Recipes: Everything You Need in One Camping Cookbook!
  • Camping Cookbook Beyond Marshmallows and Hot Dogs
  • Camping Cookbook: Over 100 Quick & Easy Outdoor Cooking Recipes
  • The Bike Camping Cookbook: Easy and delicious camping recipes
Swing the cooking spoon
Swing the cooking spoon
Eventually the rain will stop
Eventually the rain will stop

Make plans for better weather

"Sometimes the best plan is not to have a plan." - That's true. Especially when it comes to camping, we also love the freedom of doing what we want. But this idea to pass the time does not mean a strictly planned schedule either. Of course, you can go through the guides and determine the travel route for the next days.  But also, you could think about your dream destinations, make conceptions of further conversion projects for the camper van as well as set general goals in life.

It is best to start putting your ideas into practice as soon as rain, icy cold weather, or the pandemic is over.

And don't worry: nothing lasts forever - not even dirty weather or corona. Until then, have fun with these tips and tricks to pass the time in a good way.

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