Autumn is coming, and before you know it, the first snowflakes are falling. The camper is cleaned, and each grain of sand of the last vacation meticulously swept out. What remains are beautiful memories, perhaps a tan line and the anticipation of the next season.

But hold on a minute. Even in winter, you can go camping. On the one hand, reddish-orange leaves, the morning frost, and forests dipped in the snow bring a charm of their own and let nature shine anew. On the other hand, the campsites that are overcrowded in the summer now offer more than enough space. We will show you the possibilities of winter camping, what makes winter camping unique, and what you should pay attention to.

Enjoy the winter landscape in your camper

First of all, the most obvious fact: of course, you can combine camping with winter sports, Christmas markets, and a snow-covered landscape. Spend the day on the slopes and in the alpine hut, then visit a Christmas market or the après-ski party, and then head off to your cozy camper to spend a romantic evening. Doesn't that sound great? Especially in Austria, Switzerland, but also in Germany, Canada, and other countries with snowfall, you can enjoy winter romance to the fullest. All of this is topped off with a trip to a spa, which most winter campsites have. It is the ideal balance of activities and relaxation for spirit and body.

Wintering at home
Wintering at home
Moving to the south
Moving to the south

Travel south in your camper

If you like it a bit warmer, want to escape the cold temperatures, and prefer to lounge in the sun, you can also combine this with a camping vacation in the winter. In France, Spain, Portugal, and Monaco, you can soak up the sun even in the cold season. Croatia and Hungary are great destinations too, in summer and winter. Another advantage: the beaches are no longer crowded, and everything seems somewhat calmer and more relaxed. How about a road trip along the Côte d'Azur, for example? Leave your cares behind, enjoy the sand between your toes, and continue your travels when you feel like it. You can look forward to lush green flora along the route, azure blue waves, and pleasantly warm temperatures. You don't even have to do without snow completely. The mountain tops of the Sea Alps are wrapped in brilliant white. It is a perfect dream.

Even in the autumn and winter months, you will find your perfect pitch in the app, no matter where you go.

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Winter vacation in your camper - you have different options

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities to spend your vacation in a camper, even in winter. You can decide for yourself if you want to ski, hike and drink warm grog in a magical winter landscape or if you prefer to stick your feet in the sand and warm seawater. What we mean to say is: Everything is better than fighting with your neighbor over who has the biggest and most expensive Christmas decorations. It is much nicer to spend the coming cold days in nature and to collect more memories. And the most important thing: Regardless of the destination, the outside temperatures, and the mobile home, you can always bake and eat Christmas cookies - they taste good everywhere.

Have we convinced you? Then here are some tips and information so that you are perfectly prepared for your winter camping adventure:


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