Camping with pets always promises a great experience but requires some organization in advance. In the following, we give you all the information to make vacation planning with a dog more manageable. Also, we show you tips and tricks from the dog camping professionals at ‚Waumobil‘, a motorhome rental company with a love for furry noses.

Are dogs welcome or not?

Camping with pets is great, but our four-legged friends are not welcome at all campsites, pitches, and tent sites. And not every rented motorhome or camper van allows a dog on board. Waumobil is different. They offer campervans specially designed for camping with dogs. If you are looking for dog-friendly equipment, Waumobil is the right contact. Pets on board are therefore not only welcome but also desired.

Ready for the journey
Ready for the journey

Preparations for traveling with a dog

Before departure, it is essential to organize all the necessary documents for human and animal travel companions:

  • valid dog papers 
  • papers for the border crossing (inform yourself beforehand about the entry regulations for your vacation country)
  • EU pet passport
  • health certificate for your dog (required in some countries)

Besides, make sure to get the necessary vaccinations in time, check the pet liability insurance, and register your pet at the campsite.

A stay in a motorhome is very different from a short transport in a car. Therefore, you should get your four-legged friend used to travel by car.

During the trip, you must secure your dog well. In Germany, for example, a dog in a car is considered a "load" and must not slip or fall over. According to § 23 StVO paragraph 1, neither your luggage nor animals may pose a danger to traffic safety.

The ADAC recommends (permanently installed) dog transport boxes. In Waumobil motorhomes, our four-legged friends have their seat belts or even their place in the rear garage to retreat and rest after arriving at their destination. In numerous vehicles, there is even a dog window in the rear and a folding gate.

You should avoid transporting in a caravan since you may not be in it on the journey and thus do not know how your darling is. But real dog lovers wouldn't do that anyway.

During the trip, you should plan regular breaks, which makes it more relaxed for the animal. You can also avoid stress if you keep calm while driving. Your pet will notice if you are nervous and upset and will transfer your emotions onto itself.

Dirt and dog odor in the camper

Your dog often drags dirt, mud, and some of the sandy beaches into your campervan. Therefore you should always have a broom and enough rags with you.

Also, there is the universal rule: Wet dogs smell bad -- and as a result, so will your campervan. As a precaution, there are special raincoats for dogs, but their paws will still get dirty. 

In the dog-friendly converted Waumobil motorhomes, the cage in the rear garage is at your disposal to let your friend "drip off" after running around. Besides, a practical outdoor shower for dogs is often on board to wash your four-legged travel companion without problems. (If you use shampoo, look out for a drain not to harm the environment).

An outdoor dog blanket is perfect for lying outside the campervan. It is water and dirt repellent, inherently more stable, and easily wiped clean if necessary.

Dog food abroad

It is a good idea to bring the food from home. Although the food is heavy and bulky at first, you can be sure that your dog will eat it. Plus, you'll give him some at-home feeling in all the excitement. You should store the dry food in an airtight container to avoid its smell hanging in the air.

Dog hair in the camper

Excitement is one of many reasons for excessive shedding. Although it is difficult to avoid, you can reduce the mass of fur in the campervan with daily brushing.

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Dogs need action (always!)

Of course, some dogs lie around the campervan in peace and without a leash. However, many dogs want to explore new and unusual environments. So when you have your dog on board, it wants to be kept busy. A setline, a ball to play with, and lots of walks are the solution.

Waumobil recommends using a tension belt from the hardware store instead of a tow line. It absorbs less moisture, can be attached anywhere, and extended or shortened as needed. Every Waumobil motorhome comes with a practical "WauButler."

Dog on board: the problem with space

In a motorhome or campervan, the place is usually scarce. However, you have to remember that your dog needs space for lying down and stretching out. They are not as space-saving as you would hope. Also, there is luggage such as the water bowl, food, toys, and other things.

By the way: Especially the water bowl can be treacherous and might cause regular floodings of your vehicle. Likewise, stepping in it is always a possibility and will cause the unpleasant feeling of a wet sock on your foot. You can solve the first problem by using anti-slosh or non-slip bowls with rubber mats. The Waumobil rental stations are happy to help and often include a water bowl for the vacation tour.

If you have a large dog, 2-person tents tend to be too cramped. Use a family tent to make sure you and your friend will have enough space on your trip.

But the most important thing is the routine: sleeping and feeding place should always be in the same area. This way, dogs quickly become experienced campers, which makes the camping adventure much more pleasant. Also, make sure that Bello does not freeze - especially when camping with a dog. For hot days, on the other hand, place a cooling mat under the dog's blanket.

Sleeping and feeding place
Sleeping and feeding place
Enough exercise is important
Enough exercise is important

You have to keep your dog busy on vacation

Don't leave your dog in a hot car or alone in a campervan. So adjust your daily schedule so that your furry darling can accompany you. You are no longer responsible for yourself alone and should adapt the camping day to the needs of your four-legged friend. A focus on nature and nature experience instead of culture, sightseeing, and museum visits are essential. But this also brings the advantage that you can decelerate even more. So win-win.


For example, If you want to go to the movies, you can go to an open-air cinema where dogs are usually allowed. At restaurants, you can and should ask in advance if dogs are allowed. With a pitch by the water, the possibility for leisure activities is, of course, even more extensive.

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The right pitch for dogs

Of course, it is essential to find a pitch where dogs are allowed or at best wanted. 

Caravanya helps you with that. In our app, you can filter for dog-friendly pitches and find the right place quickly and easily.

Look for a place where there are enough walking routes nearby and which has grassy ground at best. Your four-legged friend will thank you, and you can walk barefoot without pain from pebbles.

In any case, don't worry. At many campgrounds, you can share the camping adventure with your dog. You should pay special attention to order and cleanliness and stick to the given regulations to ensure it stays that way. So always pack enough poop bags!

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