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The influence of Corona COVID-19 on camping in Europe

The coronavirus is spreading more and more and has Europe firmly in its grip. More and more countries are declaring a national emergency, which is bringing public life down and gradually bringing it to a standstill. The tourism industry, in particular, is facing increasing problems due to travel bans and border closures. Not only trips to other countries are canceled, but domestic travel is also prohibited in many areas. Within Germany, a violation of the tourism ban is even punished as a criminal offense.

This travel ban now also affects the temporary closure of campsites. To give you an overview in which country the campsites are currently closed, where camping is still allowed in some areas and where there are no restrictions so far, we have put together a map for you. We will update this map regularly. If you know of a change that we have not yet listed, please feel free to contact us. On the individual country pages, you will find more information about the current situation.

Even though camping and social distancing, in general, go well together, we ask you to refrain from traveling in the current situation. Even if you have little contact with other campers and can stand on your own, a trip involves stops for refueling, breaks at rest stops and contact with other people. It is also possible to be a carrier of the disease, even if it has not yet broken out. Especially for travel enthusiasts and nature people, the current situation is very difficult, but together we must do our best to slow down the further spread of the virus as much as possible.

Stay healthy! Stay at home!

Your Caravanya Team

Our tip: Camp in the garden, bring your vehicles and equipment up to date, finally tackle the long-planned conversion that you haven't had time for yet. So you are perfectly prepared and can enjoy your next trip as soon as this is possible again.


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