Choosing the right products to clean your camper

Camping is associated with freedom and being close to nature. The latter also means living and traveling in an environmentally conscious and resource-saving way. However, camping is not always as "green" as it could and should be. For example, when cleaning their camper, some people use cleaning agents that contain substances harmful to the environment. 

We are here to show you some alternatives. Even the tiniest changes to our routines can make a big step towards a sustainable future. Below, we'll show you how to get your camper squeaky clean without any harmful substances while producing less waste and saving money. These tips also work for your household. 

Homemade detergents to clean your camper

Especially during your camping trip, it can also be handy to have some homemade detergents on board. You can't clean everything with mild-acting and inexpensive alternatives, but it's worth a try before resorting to harsher cleaners. Below, we'll introduce you to two ingredients that can come in handy when cleaning your camper.

Homemade detergents to clean your camper
Homemade detergents to clean your camper

Natron salt as a cleaning agent

You can use natron for cooking and baking, as a home remedy for ailments like heartburn, or personal hygiene (as a deodorant, for example). But this white powder is also a real all-rounder when it comes to household cleaning:

  • Pan and pot cleaner:
  • Stain remover:
  • Odor neutralizer:
  • Oven cleaner:
  • Lime remover:
  • Mold Remover:
  • Drain cleaner:

Vinegar as a cleaning agent:

Vinegar can also be a practical, green alternative to chemical cleaners in many cases:

  • Floor Cleaner:
  • Window and mirror cleaner:
  • Fridge cleaner:
  • Pan and pot cleaners:
  • Toilet cleaner:

Now that your camper is clean, it's time to find your next travel destination!

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Use everdrop to clean your camper

Even without brightly colored plastic bottles full of chemical and harmful cleaning agents, you can clean your camper in no time and without much effort. But sometimes, homemade detergents won't do, and you have to resort to other means.

Everdrop offers a greener alternative to harmful detergents. With their cleaning tabs, you can make your cleaning products inexpensively. They come in reusable glass bottles, and you only have to dissolve the tabs in water.

With the bathroom, kitchen, and glass cleaners, you are well equipped to clean your camper. You can also get sponges made of wood cellulose and cotton, as well as dishcloths made of knitted cotton with GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standards). All products are free of microplastics.


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