The raffle is over. Thanks to all who participated!

We give away together with Tatonka their City Tramp 22 daypack.

What do you all need to do for that? We tell you. Spoiler alert: it's easy!

What do I have to do?

1. Follow us on Instagram (@caravanya_app)

2. Follow Tatonka on Instagram (@tatonkacom)

3. Keep an eye out for our Tatonka giveaway posts! You just have to like them AND tag a friend in the comments!

Good luck!

  • Tatonka City Tramp 22 Front Right
  • Tatonka City Tramp 22 Back Right
  • Tatonka City Tramp 22 Front
  • Tatonka City Tramp 22 Back

    Who doesn't feel related? You have your holiday days already saved. The route is chosen. Or at least sketched. You are looking forward to your outdoor adventures, and for that, you have to pack smart.

    Enter: Tatonka daypacks. They are not only comfortable and stylish, what we personally love about them, is that they use recycled materials. #campgreen all the way!


    You want to know more about the Tatonka City Tramp 22?

    This video is exactly what you need:


    Weitere Infos findest du auf der Tatonka City Tramp 22 Produktseite!

    How do I know if I've won the Tatonka City Tramp 22?

    We'll announce the lucky winner on our Instagram channel @caravanya_app

    • Here are the conditions of participation at a glance (in German)

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